Blockchain API service
For an easy use

A service to use the blockchain quickly and easily.
A simple REST API call is enough.


Register to our platform. Simply login to our service. We use the JWT Authentication.

Send the message

Write the message you want to record on the blockchain. Choose if you want to save it in clear text or encrypt it.


Done. We will restrict your transaction address to you easily traceable with blockchain explorers.

Crafted For Business, Startup and Agency Websites

Why invest time and resources studying the blockchain and develop a solution internally when you can simply use our service. You will not need to install any software and there are no platform limits. With a few simple API calls you will be able to leverage the blockchain for your reality and needs.

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Services We Provide

Some of the services and benefits you will have using our service.

Pricing Plans

Our prices are charged per transaction based on the number of transactions per year.

Private blockchains are cheaper but require the use of servers with related costs.

Private Blockchain self-hosted

  • Free Transaction
  • Cheap service cost
    per transaction
  • At least 3 server
    self managed

Private Blockchain Service

  • Free Instalation
  • Cheap Transaction
  • 4 Server intalled
    and managed

Public Blockchain Service

  • Competitive Transaction
  • Public transaction on
  • Recognized legal value

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Our staff will answer you as soon as possible.